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GM Ram Jet 350 Engines

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Ram Jet 350—PFI with Iron Vortec Heads

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A fuelie for all ages

The legendary, fuel-injected small block Chevy lives! Add a spicy, high-tech twist to your next hot rod with a fuel-injected, 350-horse small block GM Performance Parts crate engine. The fun begins when you lift the hood or drop the hammer! Make it yours with the following GM Performance Parts:

Ram Jet 350 engine 12499120
Deluxe Accessory Drive Kit 12497698
Aluminum Black Crinkle Valve Covers 12497979
Push-In Oil Filler Cap 12341993
Spark Plug Wire Loom Kit 12495502
Chrome Water Neck 141-500*
Chrome Breather Cap 141-616*



Port fuel injection meets a small-block classic.

GM Performance Parts has just what you need to put a modern new twist on your favorite classic hot rod with our amazing Ram Jet 350 crate engine. GM offered the Ram Jet fuel injection system on a variety of models in the late-1950s through the mid-1960s, but the Ram Jet has never looked as good as this!

Evoking the nostalgic look of the early fuel injection systems, the Ram Jet 350 has a styled intake plenum that actually leads to a modern day fuel injection system. Instead of a mechanical injection system, the Ram Jet 350 is fed by a state-ofthe-art, electronically controlled port fuel injection system. Developed by GM to the same standards as production vehicle systems, the Ram Jet 350 delivers exceptional throttle response and performance. This is made possible by the sophisticated, latest-generation MEFI 4 controller, which has improved electronics and closed loop capability (compared with the previous MEFI 3 system) for great all-around drivability.

A venerable 350 cubic-inch small-block combination anchors the Ram Jet 350. It is designed for long-lasting durability and pump gas compatibility, with Vortec cylinder heads, a hydraulic roller camshaft, and 9.4:1 compression.

GM Performance Parts delivers the engine with the necessary wiring harness and detailed instructions. It can be installed on any 1977-or-earlier vehicle originally equipped with a carburetor. Now there’s no reason you can’t dump those old carbs and get fuel injected!

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