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GM LS3 E-ROD Kit for Automatic Transmissions

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19244805 or 19257230

The LS3 E-ROD Kit for Automatic Transmissions








The LS3 E-ROD Kit for Manual Transmissions








E-ROD Installation
The focus of any car build is the engine, but with this ’55 Chevy even more care was taken to ensure that this first ever E-ROD installation showcased the powertrain. The team made certain to not hide the wiring and emissions control pieces just to illustrate how these parts work with the base engine. The LS3 fit perfectly where once an in-line 6-cylinder was installed.

One part of the installation of any E-ROD engine that will require some fabrication work is the air inlet. Detailed GM instructions (included with the package) describe where the MAP sensor needs to be located, as well as air filter positioning for optimal power and efficiency. The GM build team artfully fabricated a ’55 air filter canister to accept the conical airfilter—blending the 50-year old intake with a brand new Camaro-spec LS3!

Backing up the E-ROD LS3 is GMPP’s latest severe-duty transmission, the SuperMatic™ 4L70-E (P/N 19244043) with the corresponding controller and harness. The driveshaft is a custom aluminum unit. Copeland’s team finished off the powertrain with a GM 7.5-inch S-10 rear axle running 4.10:1 gearing in an Eaton Limited Slip.

How does a car that features an emissions-compliant engine perform? The LS3 makes big-time power with a rating of 430 horsepower and 424lb.-ft. of torque. And, the E-ROD ’55 weighs less than a new Camaro while offering a lot more rear gear. Add that all up, and the E-ROD ’55 Chevy is a mid-12-second car in the quarter mile. Yes, your hot rod can have massive power while still remaining environmentally conscious.

E-ROD Engine Details
E-ROD is so much more than just one engine. While the LS3 will bethe first engine that gets the “E-ROD” treatment from GMPP, many more will follow. You can watch for a very affordable 5.3L variant early in ’10 and even the LS7 (505 horsepower) and supercharged LSA (550 horsepower!) will be included in the portfolio. After that, only the
GMPP engineers know for sure which engines will go E-ROD!

GM Performance Parts’ groundbreaking, new E-ROD crate engine system packages an emissions-compliant combination of parts, starting with the same, powerful LS3 engine that’s found in the Camaro SS and Corvette. Here’s a look at the kit’s standard components:

6.2-liter LS3 crate engine, rated at 430 horsepower and 424 lb.-ft. of torque
LS3 engine wiring harness
Engine control module with emissions-compliant calibration
Catalytic converters
Exhaust manifolds
Oxygen sensors and sensor bosses
Fuel tank evaporative emissions canister
Air filter
Mass airflow sensor and sensor boss
Accelerator pedal (for use with the LS3’s electronic throttle)
Instruction manual
Transmission not included, order separately.
Additional E-ROD Packages Coming Soon:
19256487 – 6.2L LS3 with calibration for manual trans
19256513 or 19259918 – 5.3L with calibration for automatic trans
19256517 or 19259918– 5.3L with calibration for manual trans
Watch gmperformanceparts.com for availability and more
information on the E-ROD system

E-ROD Package – LS3 Automatic
This powerful 430-horsepower Corvette engine is the foundation for the NEW, Emissions-Compliant E-ROD package, as described on page 5. The E-ROD configuration includes a custom engine fuel calibration that has been validated with an automatic transmission, as well as the specified exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters. It has been approved as emissions-compliant,
19244805 or 19257230
when installed as a complete, unmodified system. The E-ROD System is intended for use in new performance vehicle builds to meet emissions requirements, as well as to retro-fit past models that may not be deemed
compliant with registration requirements. Check your state registration requirements before installing any non-approved powertrain components..

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