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LS Series Engine LC9 19256513 or 19259918
with ECU calibrated for automatic transmissions

19256517 or 19259918
with ECU calibrated for manual transmissions

315 hp @ 5,400 rpm 335 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm

An affordable LS crate engine with

power and durability!

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a used LS engine for your swap project, check out GM Performance Parts’ new LC9 5.3L engine. It is based on the workhorse power plant used in hundreds of thousands of GM trucks, including the Chevrolet Silverado and Suburban. It’s rated at 315 horsepower and tuned to deliver exceptional torque at low rpm.

Available in two configurations: a conventional 5.3L assembly (non-camshaft phased design), or the E-ROD version that also includes performance-enhancing camshaft phasing.

The LC9 5.3L system features a complete GMPP contoller system, aluminum engine block, intake manifold, thottle body, and fuel rail. It’s a great choice for hot rod cruisers and off-roader projects, where torque and dependability is the priority over maximum horsepower.

Check out our LS1 Engine Kit Installation Guide P/N 88959384 for details on installing an LS engine in a vintage vehicle.


14-inch automatic transmission flexplate included
Kit includes complete new engine and GMPP contoller system
Components to complete FEAD are listed on page 216
Check hood clearance for interference
Use of GMPP muscle car oil pan kit P/N 19212593 may be required for installation on older vehicles
Intended for pre-1976 street vehicles or off-road vehicles
Not intended for marine applications

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