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LS376/480 GM Crate Engines 19171224 or 19213229 or 19244549 $6,600.00

LS3 + Hot Cam = Loads of FunLS376_480_Crate_Engine

The hot new small-block V-8 in the GM lineup is the hyper-aggressive LS3. It offers a high-revving 376-cid combination that represents generations of small-block V-8 development and engineering. Not only is the LS3 an amazing engine in its stock configuration, but with those high-flowing rectangular port cylinder heads, the LS3 is loaded with potential. To tap into this, the engineers at GM Performance Parts offer you the LS376/480—an LS3 with an upgraded camshaft that ups power by a whopping 50 horsepower!

The LS376/480 comes with the same great features as the LS3 crate engine. The bottom end includes a 6-bolt aluminum block, nodular crank, high performance rods, and 10.7:1 pistons. The heads are high-flowing rectangular-port L92 units that have been upgraded with high-revving, hollow-stem valves. The same EFI intake manifold feeds the hungry engine, while 1.7:1 roller rockers work with the upgraded camshaft.

The GM Performance Parts engineers picked the LS Hot Cam (P/N 88958733) to take the LS3 to the next level. This cam specs out with .525" intake and exhaust valve lift. Duration (@ .050") is 219˚ intake and 228˚ exhaust, which allows for a dramatic increase in power. The engine will idle and cruise just like an LS3, but the power increase is there whenever you need it.

And don't forget your ECU and Wiring Harness Kit!

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