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19171225 or 19244552 $7,145.00

LS376/515 GM Crate EnginesLS376_515 _19171225_Crate_Engine

The LS3 gets a big cam and carbureted intake manifold for an additional 85 horsepower!

You know that the LS3 is the hot new small-block V-8 in the GM arsenal, but you still want more. We proudly offer you the LS376/515, an upgraded LS3 that is equipped with an aggressive camshaft and GM Performance Part’s exclusive carbureted intake manifold. Two simple upgrades that add up to 515 horsepower—an 85 horsepower bump over the stock LS3.

The LS3 comes fully equipped with components that only a few years ago would have been the exclusive property of race engines. The block is a rock-solid 6-bolt foundation that holds together the 4.06" bore by 3.62" stroke rotating assembly. The LS3 heads are high-flowing rectangular port aluminum castings. What separates the LS376/515 from the base LS3 is the addition of a GM Performance Parts high performance camshaft and a carbureted intake manifold.

To match the high flow rate of the LS3 cylinder heads, our GM Performance Parts engineers installed the “ASA Hot Cam” (P/N 12480110). This is a hydraulic roller camshaft that offers up .525" intake and exhaust valve lift numbers and duration @ .050" of 226˚ intake and 236˚ exhaust.

The GM Performance Part engineers coupled that aggressive camshaft and high flowing cylinder head design with our new carbureted intake manifold specific for the L92/LS3 cylinder heads (P/N 25534401). The manifold offers a dramatic increase in horsepower and a simplified installation.

And don't forget your LSX Ignition Module!

LS376_515 _19171225_Crate_Engine_TECH_SPECS
LS376_515 _19171225_Crate_Engine_Dyno_Chart
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