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We learned years ago that there’s no replacement for displacement, and GM Performance Parts has just what you big-inch fans have been yearning for. Our Rat-motor bigblock section includes the latest heads, block, and components for you to build your own big-inch big-block. Buy the best parts, make the most power—it’s simple when you start with GM Performance Parts.

All big-block are not created equal—despite what our competition has tried to convince you of. No one—and we mean no one—builds a big-block Chevy like real GM engineers who demand only the best in machining and CNC preparation. Not only are they the highest quality, highest strength cylinder block money can buy, GM Performance Parts has the most diverse selection of custom-manufactured, custom-machined aftermarket performance block on the market. Our block lineup begins with production-based block to replace your 427 or 454 legend. If you need more than that, take a look at the Bowtie block, which feature CNC machining to guarantee perfect dimensions, and manufacturing tolerances that are matched by no one. Bowtie Race block feature full CNC machining, 4-bolt mains, super thick wall design, and special machining procedures not found in other aftermarket block. If you’re a real big-block sick-o, then check out our Drag Race Competition Engine (DRCE) block—the same engine block used in NHRA Pro Stock competition—for the ultimate in big-block GM power. There are absolutely no limitations with a DRCE block—they are designed from the very start for maximum effort racing applications that call for the ultimate performance big-block.

It’s a big-block, so stuff that thing with as much atmosphere as a heavy-breathing monster mill deserves. The GM Performance Parts big-block cylinder head lineup begins with cast iron Service Replacement castings that are perfect for your restoration efforts. If your big-inch Rat motor was destined for the race track or serious street use, then you’ll want to look at our line of high performance Bowtie Iron, Bowtie Aluminum, or NHRA Pro Stock DRCE heads. Some of these heads come as bare castings, and some are completely assembled and ready to make big numbers. All of our bigblock cylinder heads are machined to the highest standards, and some are even CNC-ported to make even more power. Hey, big inches need big air—fill’em up! From pistons, rods, fasteners, gasket sets, accessory drive systems, starters, valve covers, valve train components, high performance camshafts, intake manifolds, ignition systems, fuel systems—GM Performance parts has everything you need to build your next project big-block. Remember, these are the same parts that we use in our incredible line of GM Performance Parts crate engines including that 720-horse ZZ572 race mill!

Whichever high performance big-block part you choose, you can be certain that when you get your parts from GM Performance Parts, you are starting with the very best.

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